(D) Bachelorette Party Kit (NE




Bachelorette Home Party Hostess Kit from Risque for 8 guest. Are you the hostess and planning a fun Bachelorette party, or looking for a unique Risqe party theme? Here is a great Bachelorette Party in a box. With this complete Bachelorette Party kit, you do not have to shop around for 8 different Bachelorette party decorations and at the same time shopping. This Home Party Bachelorette Party Kit is themed Risque and features a total of 80 pieces. Included as part of this Home Party Bachelorette kit is (8) custom invitations with envelopes. This kit includes a complete party set up with balloons for a total of 8 people with napkins and a Risque tablecloth. Set your snacks in the fun-sized Penis shaped chip bowl and pin all of your guests with a custom party pin. Each party member will also receive a custom party shot glass and loot bag to take their prizes home. Contents Include: Party Pack for 8 people. 8 Buttons, 8 plates, 8 balloons, 8 invitations, 8 cups, (8) shot glasses, 8 napkins 1 memo pad, 8 coasters, 8 loot bags, 1 penis shaped chip bowl, 1 tablecloth for a complete party set up.



Barcode: 401003095015